S-Docs Pricing Plans

S-Docs Pricing Plans

Among the criteria for selecting virtual data rooms, the question of the cost of the software itself and additional services plays an important role. it is not surprising that many companies spend so much time searching for a data room that will be sufficiently functional, but still affordable. Many providers try to take this trend into account and offer their customers various price offers that will fit into the budget of even small companies. Here’s a look at S-Docs pricing – one of the best providers in today’s data room market.

How do S-Docs attract customers?

To begin with a few words about S-Docs data room features. It is a comprehensive virtual platform, which provides its customers:

  • Tools for working with different amounts of data;
  • Options to support communication even with remote workflow;
  • Enough file storage that can be accessed by a virtually unlimited number of users;
  • Options for working with documents, including the creation of new documents from scratch (including those based on ready-made templates) that can be used in electronic document management.

S-Docs tools will be useful for companies working in health care, finance and corporate activities, retail, and manufacturing, but in fact, the use of the platform is not limited to specific business sectors – it is a worthy example of a universal working tool.

The advantage of the platform is also a user-friendly interface, which does not require special skills and knowledge to learn. At the same time, the functionality of the data room can be adapted to the individual working needs of each company.

Overview of the price offers: S-Docs vs Docusign

One of the advantages of S-Docs is the variety of packages the provider offers its customers. In particular, users can choose from a variety of packages:

  1. S-Docs starter package. This package has restrictions on the number of users – no more than 24 and has a fixed rate. Its cost is from $1,500 to $3,000 per year. Such package is suitable for companies with constantly changing needs in the process of development.
  2. Unlimited Edition S-Docs. This package is more oriented to representatives of medium and big business. Its cost is 20$/month per user, which is not very convenient for companies with constantly changing work indexes.
  3. S-Docs and S-Sign package. This is a comprehensive package that is ideal for medium to large companies. This one is priced at $40 per user per month. This cost includes all possible platform options for efficient workflow.

If you compare it with plans from other providers – such as DocuSign – S-Docs may seem a bit more expensive than similar products on the market. But for that cost, you get a reliable software product that can be changed depending on the changing needs of the company. Besides developers of the company try to meet the clients and offer not only packages on the fixed cost, but also individual price offers and sets of services.